Warehouse Storage Safety – Tips To Keep Your Staff & Products Safer Across Sydney

Storage and Warehousing covers a wide range of activities that can result in
multiple hazards and risks. Essential health and safety management involves you, the employer, looking at the risks that arise in the workplace and then putting sensible health and safety measures in place to control them. By understanding and implement these, you can protect your most valuable asset, your employees, as well as members of the public from harm. You will also help protect your premises, goods, equipment and reputation.

Across Australia thousands of work-related injuries are recorded in the warehousing, storage and road-haulage sectors every year, regular inspection of storage equipment is essential to ensure employees’ safety.

Slipping & Tripping: Warehouse Safety Accessories

Almost a quarter of major injuries (broken bones, injuries requiring
hospitalisation for more than 24 hours etc) in the warehousing industry are caused by workers slipping or tripping.

Sydney warehouse safety and inspections

In the past, a slip or trip accident may not have been viewed as seriously as an accident involving a fork-lift truck. However, it is very clear from the pattern of major injuries that workers who slip or trip are sustaining
serious injuries from the fall or from impact with objects or structures.

Talk to us about your warehouse safety with a safety audit

If you are concerned about safety within your Australian warehouse give us a call on 1800 722 678 or submit an online enquiry here.

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Warehouse Storage, Racking & Your Business

Every warehouse, distribution business, storage facility and commercial premise has its own unique racking requirements and the Spacerack team take the time to understand your operation to create a tailored system that best meets your individual requirements.

Listed are some of the most common types of warehouse pallet racking available:

  • Double Deep Pallet Racking
  • Push Back Racking
  • Selective Racking
  • Drive in Racking
  • Raised Storage Areas
  • High Rise Selective Racking
  • High Rise Pallet Racking

How does RAAM Storage fit in with our storage requirements?

Our design & storage specialists will tailor a state-of-the-art warehouse fit-out design. Above all, to meet your specific warehousing & storage challenges.

RAAM Storage are known for delivering trusted racking inspections and storage consultation solutions to the warehouse and storage industry. We deliver storage solutions for any size company or project, working only with trusted racking brands with proven track records of reliability and exceptional quality.

Get A Quote Today

RAAM Storage works with businesses of all sizes and requirements Australia wide. Whilst we are based in Sydney, we consult and inspection warehouses across Australia’s top business and industrial parks.

Give us a call today on 1800 722 678 or submit an online enquiry here.

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Warehouse Storage Design Consultations Sydney – We Can Help

When it comes to your Sydney Warehouse Design & Layout fitout it can mean the difference between running at your highest level of productivity, or low efficiency and low output. Here we’ll list some value add points to consider when designing your new warehouse storage layout and floorplans.

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What makes for an efficient yet thorough warehouse inspection & audit across Sydney

Today in this article we’ll aim to discuss several factors that serve you well when needing your Sydney warehouse inspected or audited.

Get the right storage solution the first time…

Today’s logisticians are working in a fast paced, ever-changing environment. The supply chain has become centre stage, providing competitive advantage to those who can master procurement, supplier management, inventory, warehousing and distribution. Getting the right product in the correct quantity to the right customer at the prescribed time in good condition at an acceptable cost is paramount to not only retaining but increasing sales and profitability.

What are the basic things covered in a Sydney Warehouse Audit?

The audit is in 6 parts:

1. External areas
2. Internal areas
3. Systems and Equipment
4. Warehouse processes
5. Health and Safety
6. Housekeeping and performance measurement

By ensuring you operate equipment in the safest possible manner you will have peace of mind you are minimising risk and addressing your corporate obligation.

To arrange an onsite warehouse inspection give us a call on 1800 722 678 or submit an online enquiry here.

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Raam Storage & COVID-19

The impact on our way of life with Corona Virus / Covid19 has been swift and significant. We firstly want to wish everyone a safe transition through this period as we navigate together and come out the other side stronger.

We want you to know we (Raam Storage) are operating as best we can adhering to the state and federal government regulations. We’re doing everything we can to protect our staff, customers and ensuring a safe operating work environment.

We do not know how long these current restrictions will be in place. We do know however they are temporary and projects must still proceed. As mentioned above adhering to commercial recommendations we are conducting racking and storage audits, inspections as well as warehouse storage audits and consultations for clients across Australia.

If you have any questions specifically for us you can call the office on 1800 722 678. If you would like more updates on the COVID19 Corona Virus you can visit the Australian Government at australia.gov.au.

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We’ve Got Pallet Racking Plastic Containers In Stock

Looking for The Lager-Fix range? We’ve got you covered. Read on to understand more about the Lager Fix racking containers that we’ve got in stock ready to ship out.

The Lager-Fix range is designed to integrate smoothly into all shelving systems. The containers’ signature, practical front openings offer a constant overview of the contents, and enable easy access even when stacked.

Some things you need to know about LF plastic containers:

1. Grooves for dividers for lengthwise partitioning

2. Recessed hand grip at back

3. Sturdy stacking rim around full perimeter

4. Grooves for slide in panels

If you’re looking for LF Plastic containers we stock the following range ready to ship across Sydney and Australia wide.

LF 532
LF 321
LF 221
RK 421
RK 521

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Warehouse Storage Audits Across Sydney – Why It’s Vital

Pallet racking is classed as work equipment and as such, under Australian Standard AS4084 2012 legislation inspections must be carried out at least once a year by an Approved Rack Inspector. 

Failing to have a regular pallet racking inspection means that you are not in compliance with legislative requirements. This could prove a very costly mistake that may invalidate your insurance.

Raam Storage is known for giving a quality thorough safety & compliance audit. Our full warehouse audit services in Sydney and Australia wide include:

  • Detail site inspection.
  • A conformation of the compliant of safety practices as per the current Worksafe and WHS regulations.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Expert advice for safe storage practices.

If you have any queries about our pallet racking safety inspections, or about any of our pallet racking services including warehouse racking in Sydney please call the RAAM Storage team on 1800 722 678 or leave a message on our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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RAAM Storage have expanded online!

Since the start of Rack Audits and Maintenance Pty Ltd and with the transition to RAAM Storage we have gone from strength to strength, steadily growing our reputation through word of mouth and established customer relationships. 

We have now taken the next step on our business journey by creating a full on-line presence with a new website and a portfolio of social media platforms.  

RAAM Storage is a qualified team of designers and engineers with years of storage industry experience. We work with you to maintain and improve your warehouse storage and advise and implement efficiency and safety improvements to ensure safe operation, standard compliance and maximum effectiveness. 

You can now keep up to date with RAAM Storage’s activities whichever way suits you. 

Like us, our stories and follow our accounts. During 2020 we will post updates of our completed work, industry news and feature articles and information to keep you up to date. 

With RAAM storage as your partner, your storage system is taken care of.

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Pallet Racking & Warehouse Storage Solutions for Sydney Industrial and Commercial applications

We are specialists in the supply and installation of pallet racking and warehouse racking systems throughout Sydney and Australia wide.

Pallet racking comes in all sorts of configurations, but the importance of getting the basics right is the key to the success of your warehouse storage requirements.

For safe and efficient operation, racking systems must be designed to fit and function with both the handling equipment and the load. RAAM Storage is one Sydney’s leading suppliers and installers of pallet racking and warehouse equipment, with a long-standing reputation for product quality, technical back-up and first class customer service.

We offer a large range of Pallet Racking however we’ll highlight one type of racking below to give you an overview of how it could benefit your warehouse.

Drive-In Pallet Racking Sydney

With drive-in racking, pallets are placed so they can slide backwards on a rail, thus storing them more deeply and creating more space in the warehouse. Drive-In Racking involves the forklift entering the racking from one side to load or retrieve the pallets which are stored more deeply.

drive in pallet racking sydney
Drive In Pallet Racking Sydney
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