Protect your business and staff with warehouse storage accessories. We supply a comprehensive range of safety products for your storage system, facilitating safe operational practices and protecting your system from damage.

Below you’ll find a range of accessories we can supply:

REP – Rack End Protectors

Rack End Protectors are the ultimate in “end of run” protection. The cost of the purchase and installation of Rack End Protectors may be recouped as soon as the first damage is avoided. 


A safety fence system is an affordable heavy-duty barrier that protects products and people from injury. We supply top quality industrial safety fencing that exceeds the requirements of many applications and industries.

Safety Gates

Safety gates designed to fit existing rack systems. Simply forklift palletized material through the gates and back away. The spring loaded gate system self-closes along the platform edge, protecting personnel from dangerous falls.

Bollards & Column Protectors

Our Bollard and Column Protectors will give you peace of mind when it comes to a busy warehouse by protecting the ends of your racks from accidental damage from forklifts. 

Work Benches

Our warehouse racking workbenches are sturdy and easy to assemble. Our workbenches are assembled out of pallet racking or Longspan components. Either style will make a reliable worktop for any workshop needs.

Upright Protectors

A variation on the wrap around protector, the corner protector provides affordable protection to uprights on the end of runs. This also includes Corner Guards, Column Guards & Upright Protectors. 

Mesh Decking & Mesh Dividers

Wire mesh decks provide a platform for the efficient storage of small objects without creating the fire hazard caused by timber and particle board type shelving. 

Safety Barrier Handrail

Workplace injuries caused by moving vehicles commonly result in 60+ lost work days and too often result in fatalities. Safety barrier and warehouse safety barriers products help keep your workers safe, increasing productivity and reducing medical costs.

Floor Angle Stoppers

Floor Angle Stoppers are used to protect walls or back frames against pallet impact at the floor level. They assist in helping you prevent pallet rack damage before it happens, eliminating the need for costly replacement and contributing to the improvement of safety in your warehouse.

Plastic Containers

The SSI SCHAEFER Lager-Fix range is designed to integrate smoothly into all shelving systems. The containers’ signature, practical front openings offer a constant overview of the contents, and enable easy access even when stacked.

Moreover, the broad selection of dimensions and sizes – all designed to be perfectly compatible – allow unrestricted custom combinations. Compatible with the 14/7 range.