used pallet racking Sydney
used pallet racking Sydney NSW

Here at RAAM Storage we have more than 15 years proven expertise in both new and used racking, our team have a wealth of practical experience and technical knowledge to share with you. Every day we help existing and new customers find the best Sydney and Australia wide racking solutions to suit their storage needs backed up by first class after sales service.

We supply, deliver and install all pallet racking systems including SSI SCHAEFER and a range of pallet racking offers.

The quantity and size of pallets, combined with the level of access required will determine which type of pallet racking is selected.

Some products are stored on a long term archive basis, first in last out, whilst others need to be stored on a first in first out system like the storage of food or medical products.

We also supply racking protection in the forms of column and corner guards, open boarded decking and mesh decking to store heavy goods.

used Pallet racking Sydney
New & Used Pallet racking Sydney

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The famous city of Sydney is the state capital of New South Wales. It has a huge population of over 4,900,000 and is the most lived-in city in Australia.

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