Milperra Sydney Pallet Racking
Milperra Western Sydney

Did you know Milperra? i a suburb of local government area City of Canterbury-Bankstown, is located 24 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district in the state of New South Wales, Australia, and is a part of the South Western Sydney region.

We are proven and experienced Pallet Racking specialists that look after Milperra Sydney.

here at RAAM Storage we’ll help maximise your storage and ensure its operating at the highest safety level possible.

Selective Pallet Racking

The versatility and affordability of selective pallet racking makes it one of the most common warehouse storage systems around these days. Learn more here.

Double deep pallet racking

Double Deep is similar to selective racking but pallets are now stored two rows deep instead of one. This type of racking therefore requires specialised pallet handling equipment using ether a specialised forklift or a standard unit a with double deep handling attachment. Learn more here.

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